George R.R. Martin’s next book might be available sooner than we expect. Maybe even sooner than he expected! The American novelist is popularly known for his bestsellers, including the infamous, ‘A Game of Thrones’. However, a different kind of ghostwriter is gradually rising amongst all these expectations. In a recent report, Motherboard confirmed that Zack Thoutt, a software engineer,has used Artificial Intelligence (AI) in an attempt to write the book himself. The program is known as Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) and has interesting capabilities.


Artificial Intelligence

Before predicting the sixth book, RNN had to go through 5,376 pages of George R.R. Martins previous five books. Afterwards, Thoutt instructed the program on how many words to write. He even gave the RNN a main word to use in every chapter just to make sure the storyline isn’t too diverted.

He only needed to give these instructions to his RNN and the rest is for the Artificial Intelligence to decide. Interesting right? Not only did the AI create a grammar-perfect story, it has actually mimicked Martin’s tone in the story. You can find the first chapters on GitHub.


Artificial Intelligence game of thrones



The RNN starts, Simon could hear Lord Aemon’s coughing. I miss for it. Why did you proper?

The story takes an unexpected direction (of course in the AI’s perspective), and we see characters like Greenbeard being introduced. Going further, Cersei will be killed by her own sister, Jamie Lannister. We even see Queen Daenerys die in the dirty hands of her advisor Varys, who poisoned her.

But by anything, these are just imaginations or rather recreations of an Artificial Intelligence. Martins actual storyline will be a whole new story. It’s still fun to see how Artificial Intelligence can read and recreate a story without changing the style used.

Thoutt discovered that his RNN would write a more interesting book if he used simpler words and more content. The RNN is still not good at “remembering” what happened in the books it read. For instance, the RNN cannot recall characters that have died previous books.

The RNN also can add its own fictional locations and more adjectives to liven up the chapters, Thoutt explained to Motherboard. He further stated that the RNN can add a handful of fictional locations and extra adjectives which may be over-emphasizing Martin’s style of writing.

This is just a taste of the vast projects AI has created based on Game of Thrones. In fact, after the recently completed episode of the TV series, the website asked people to share their theories on what’s going to happen next. It has joined hands with Unanimous AI and the team will make a prediction of what will ha  ppen next.


Artificial Intelligence


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